'Refresh' your alpaca - How To Clean Your Own Inkari Alpaca

'Refresh' your alpaca - How To Clean Your Own Inkari Alpaca
On Sunday morning I always wake up early, run a few kilometers towards the beach, take a quick dip in the cold North Sea to really wake every inch of my body, head on back to my place to cook some healthy porridge (with Peruvian chia) and set myself a fresh pot of coffee before I think over my plans for the day. I take good care of my body, my spirit (mental balance), and rinse off any unnecessary muck that life throws before me. You and I probably both have our own ways to 'refresh' ourselves: for you it might be meditating, singing, or playing that awesome guitar riff. For me however, it could be skating, cooking that delicious dish to treat yourself, or writing an inclusive blog post ;) Different types of people, different types of 'cleaning your mind' and feeling reborn. That's a good thing, otherwise life would just be pretty boring and a bit too simple! 

However, when it comes to the maintenance of our alpacas, I do believe in easy and simple. Easy to maintain, simple to manage, uncomplicated to clean, effortless to fluff, child's play to do just about everything with your alpaca toy without having to worry about cleaning too much, and, most importantly, so easy to love again! To show you how straightforward Inkari Maintenance really is, I have added a video where I've captured all misfortune of one Inkari employee on that one day... that one terrible day everybody knows and experiences once every while. Where you make a stain on your pristine white shirt during breakfast; spill hot coffee on your new work dress; and went a bit too far on Laura's office party. But don't you worry! Watch the following video to see how all of us at Inkari clean our Inkari alpaca toy ourselves and prepare it for a new day again. Just follow these easy steps and never have to worry about alpaca grooming ever again! It's important (and fun) to watch this video before continuing to read this blog article to the end!

*Our star this time is a very clumsy Sandstone Medium-sized Sandstone and has spilled Nutella, coffee, and multiple sodas on its thick layer of wool. The whole cleaning process took one afternoon, after which our Inkari alpaca was completely clean and ready to go out on the town again. Let's hope our star pays a bit more attention to its fluff next time! 

Because you do not see this type of videos often on the internet, I've decided to quickly sum up the steps that you've seen: 

- Rinse 
- Clean thoroughly
- Brush
- Dry
- Repeat brush
- Dry
- Final brush
- *Sprinkle (talcum powder for personal preference)
- Shake
- Cuddle (or perform a magic trick)

It is a very easy process overall, but there are some small moments where it is always good to be a little bit more careful with your fluffy friend. Some useful tips I wish someone told me when I started with alpaca maintenance and Inkari are: 
- Rinse: I do not recommend to soak your alpaca completely, only use small amounts of water for cleaning. Too much water can damage the filling. 
- Clean thoroughly: in the unlikely event that you'll ever need soap, only use brands that are ecological and are wool-specific.
- Brush: you'll notice that wet alpacas are a bit tougher to brush, so put your hand around the neck of the alpaca for extra support. 
- Dry: be sure to change the angle often.
- Repeat brush: comb the wet spots first for more a more speedy drying process.
- Dry: switch up the position of the alpaca often.
- Final brush: shake a few times; brush the last wet spots out of the alpaca wool. 
- *Talcum powder: sprinkle for some fresh fragrances. (I personally like the scent of the alpaca wool, but some people prefer the talcum powder).
- Shake: it like a polaroid picture!
- Cuddle (or perform a magic trick): whatever you do, enjoy your Inkari alpaca and have fun 😉

If you're still not sure about some of the steps that you need to take,, you can also easily visit the Inkari Maintenance page where I discuss all steps one more time.
Sunday evening is the time that I normally take a step back from all the numbers. revenues, and prospects, and for a few hours just relax. Sometimes there is an alpaca (or some) next to me, sometimes there are none. But, no matter what the situation is, I always love to look at a round fluffy alpaca with a big smile on its face. It helps me clear my mind, or 'refresh'. So, help your alpaca once in a while, as it will most definitely help you when you need some distraction from life ;)

Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on my video and text!

- Inkari - 

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