How do I become an Inkari VIP Member?
  1. Purchase your very own Alpaca Toy
  2. Define your Alpacas’ personality
  3. Send a request to the Inkari VIP Member Group
  4. Share and engage with other alpaca fans!
  5. Enjoy and have lots of fun ;)

Becoming an INKARI VIP not only means that you can call yourself a true ‘Alpaca Expert’. It stands for something much larger and all-encompassing: it's a lifestyle!

A way of life that’s defined by a huge amount of love for alpacas. This is shown by your ownership of one of our official Alpaca Toys and the enthusiasm to share and engage with other active Alpaca Experts from all over the world.

Become a VIP and get to share in:
  • huge amounts of positivity and love
  • tips and tricks on alpaca accessories
  • creative DIY ideas
  • detailed INKARI updates
  • monthly challenges
  • and off course the highly desired Limited Edition VIP Pre-Sale (doubling your chance at one of our Limited Edition alpaca toys)!

See you on the VIP-side!

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