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Cute, fluffy, unique

I had to cuddle it!

Small Gold Suri

This was my first suri alpaca, and I knew right away it wouldn’t be my last! The fluff is SO silky soft and light as a feather! I love how the fluff hides the eyes for a funny expression. I need to collect every color now 😃

Fluff fluff fluff

10/10, made a great gift. They liked it so mucu they ordered another after!

Incredibly cute, super soft and well-made

Both of the alpacas I bought were Christmas gifts, so I'm sorry to say I have yet to own one myself. I did unpack them to check them out when they arrived- they peaked out from their bags with the most adorable expression. I really loved both the softness and their faces. My cats also showed a little too much interest in them, suppose they can tell that it's real alpaca wool, so beware cat owners! The set I bought came with an incredible amount of hats (I think there were 12), which I found a little overkill but the new owner seemed to appreciate it.

The dream-alpaca

Fluffy and Pink
Oh this Alpaca sings!
When I put my arms around her,
A pleasure to senses,
Oh how they stir.

A new fluffy friend

I ordered a chocolate one, and got an extra special one, I think a cacao. Stella is so beautiful and fits my other alpaca Paul perfectly, who is a sahara. She's also very soft and extra fluffy!

Box of Fluff - Accessory Sets

The finishing touch

This accesoire is a perfect fit for almost every Alpaca i own. It's easy and flexible enough to attach behind the ears and the combination with the Alapaca wings makes it complete for me.

Magical fluffness

I love my violet Alpaca. Her fur is so soft as cotton and light as a cloud. There are different tints of purple blended in if you look closely. She is a perfect model for my handmade magical themed hairclips since her uniqueness can be only be described as magical.

Love my bubblegum!!

Oh it is so cute and love the color! Thank you :)))

Amazing soft cuddly

Have to my granddaughter for Christmas her reaction was priceless

Lovable Soft Cuddly

Lovable Soft Cuddle Alpacas made such a great Christmas gift!! It’s their favorite toy!!

Mostly Happy!

First of all and most importantly, the alpaca is AMAZING and my niece loves him!

However, the Christmas gift wrapping paper set did not even fit the box the alpaca was in and the presentation box was ruined due to post labels etc. It would make more sense to put the box inside a wrapping of paper or other material to preserve the quality of the box.

Other than those things, very happy!

So Fluffy! Worth the wait!

I ordered the Sandstone color with free reindeer socks with a discount code. I order it on the 27th of December and received it the 8th, which was excepted because I'm across the ocean.

It is so fluffy! The wrapping kit is so cute and I loved the cute little accessories! It doesn't shed at all, and is WAY fluffier than the photo, absolutely worth the wait!

I bought it as a gift, and they loved it. I will definitely buy it for myself and as a gift again. The quality and care is unrivaled. 10/10.

The best Alpaca plush on the market.

Box of Fluff (Small 23cm) - Create Your Ultimate Alpaca Gift
jean jones

Excellent service and beautiful alpaca

Box of Fluff (Small 23cm) - Create Your Ultimate Alpaca Gift
Sam luyckx
wrong box

Maybe i got confussed by which couponcode to use, i wanted the christmas box off fluff, but instead i got something else entirely, no christmas hats or anything. But the toy itself is soooo very soft!!! allthough i'm kind of scared to brush it, i'm afraid i'll pull out all of its hairs.

The best gift!

Really cute and fluffy
We love it so much!

It’s so fluffy!

We’re in love with the fluffy cuties 🥰
Thank you Inkari family for making the world and our hearts a fluffier place!

Box of Fluff (Small 23cm) - Create Your Ultimate Alpaca Gift
Antonella Meglio
My sweet Fluffy Baloo

Fluffy Baloo is my fluffier alpaca. I love him so much. The Christmas set is perfect for the season. The cat also approved.

Super soft, cuddly and luxurious

I'd been eyeing these rugs for a long time but wasn't certain about the price tag. But I finally gave in and I absolutely love it -- very much worth it!!

Alpaca Throws XL - Waffle

Alpaca Unicorn Wings
Brandon Goulet
girlfriends christmas gift

i bought the pink limited edition one with the matching wings and for the quality of the fur and the plush this is 100% a 10/10. she loves it and basically hasnt put it down since xD


Er ist so flauschig

SET OF 2 Alpacas (23cm) ❤ Limited Offer

Awesome gift!

My niece and nephew (7 and 11) absolutely loved their alpacas! I got one for myself, as well. They are so soft, and the accessoriesare adorable. I highly recommend them. I live in the USA, so it too a while for them to get here, but it was well worth the wait!