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Alpaca pogg

I got a mini for Christmas and was definitely worth it but something wasn’t right….she seemed lonely. So I ended up getting this fluff. A Sahara suri mini. They are the perfect duo and was definitely worth the wait!

Thanks for your wonderfull review Mari! I'm glad you found a solution to your alpacas loneliness!
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Best alpaca

I got my moccachino alpaca for Christmas and it is amazing! It is really soft and cute, I love it so much 🤍

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The alpaca is so soft and fluffy! I love its cute face and and everything- definitely worth.

Thanks for your awesome review Sara and for the cute video that you attached! If you need any help with the alpaca maintenance, be sure to check https://www.inkari-alpaca.nl/pages/maintenance-alpaca-toys!

Alpaca is very cute and fluffy

I thought, that alpaca won't be so fluffy, but she is too much fluffy !! delivery is good and fast, and i love it so much


I am located in the US and have been wanting one of these for forever but have always been worried it would take forever to get here but I finally caved and ordered one! It took maybe 8 days since the day I placed it and it arrived this morning in really nice and eco friendly packaging.

My alpaca is the sandstone color and it is so fluffy! They have an amazingly stable body but are still soft because of all the fur and, let me tell you, there is a lot!

I can’t wait to get more in the near future!

Fluffy, cute and adorable

Squishiest alpaca ever - can't get enough of it
Soft as feather, funny and cute

Fluffy Airy Soft

My Inkari Suri Alpaca‘s are so soft it’s like touching the most silky thing I’ve ever touched, light spun silk cool to the touch divine!

Mint Mayhem

Having two Mini Mint Suri’s arrive has shown me just how truly unique each alpaca is. Both have gorgeous flowing manes and are similar in colour and size but not exact. This gives them that extra special feeling that each one was meant just for me and/or that special someone who will receive one as a gift. Left has been brushed and right is fresh out of the box. Excellent quality, fast shipping and kind customer service per usual.

Silky surprise!

When I first saw the Suri’s I wasn’t sure what to think of them. After reading all of the reviews and seeing buyers photos I decided to give them a chance. Wow! They are amazing. I know everyone says they are silky soft but it really is the best way to describe them. The light hues even appear a bit colour changing in different lighting. So much fun.

Momma Alpaca

My large Blonde Momma alpaca and her mini Sandstone Baby arrived. My two soft cute friends <3

Soo pretty!

I really love him, he is sooooo cute!


Ordered my first suri, the purple one, and oh my god I didn't realise how silky and fluffy they are!! :D I highly recommend you grab one <3


This was originally supposed to be for my mother on mother's day, and it just arrived (several weeks after haha) but the quality makes up for it! This is going to be her favorite mother's day present! ❤

Limited Edition Alpaca Toy - Stuffed Animal - Coatimundi

Want to hug a cloud?! Then get this Alpaca from Inkari ! They are so soft cuddly and lovable! You will want to collect all of them!

VIP Draw - Alpaca Toys
Guaranteed Cuddles!

Wow! It’s the Best Therapy to cuddle your own floofy Alpaca from Inkari! You will love brushing and combing the amazing wool! Love them!

❤ Alpaca Toy ❤ Stuffed Animal ❤ Pecan Fudge Brownie
Super fluffy

The cocoa is one of the most fluffy alpacas Inkari has I think~ I love it!!! My Thorin Oakenshield is adorable ♡

Like a Cloud ☁️

This large Sahara alpaca is so soft and the wool is so warm with such a high quality fluffiness. A beautiful gift! The colour is much much lighter with a lot more white than I expected (alas, I ordered the wrong colour), but it’s still very beautiful and oh-so-soft. Had I known that the extra accessory combo that was advertised with it would be pretty small on the large, I wouldn’t have purchased it, but then, that leaves room for another alpaca purchase! Shipping took a long time if only for the US Customs delays. Inkari was very good about addressing my concerns in a timely manner, so I don’t hold the shipping trouble—or the unexpected colour—against them. Again, the alpaca is still very beautiful, and it’s very large, warm and huggable. The main body is stiff and leathery but luckily, most of the alpaca is pure fluff. It came right after Christmas. A little late, but I’m still very happy with this gift!

❤ Alpaca Toy ❤ Stuffed Animal ❤ Chocolate
Aranka van Vliet
Super floof!!

This beautiful large chocolate has a super floof which I totally love!

I want to live in them

They are so soft and warm. As promised they wouldn’t be too hot or op cold. My feet don’t sweat like in other house slippers. And finally no more cold feet all the time that cramp up. At home I wear them all the time.
Got them traded a size up because they were too tight. New pair was also a little tight but that was over after wearing it for a day. Now they fit perfectly.

Fluffier than Fluffy

Me and my friend are so happy to share our emotions about this gift. I named ALPINK my rose one. Awaiting for the new brother...

The unicorn alpaca

This is the softest alpaca I have! It’s super fluffy, feels like a cloud or like a cotton candy, it’s huge and round and the color is very pretty! Mine is medium and I absolutely love it 😍❤️🌸

❤ Alpaca Toy ❤ Stuffed Animal ❤ Blond
Helsinki Starr
Beautiful blonde alpaca

My most elegant alpaca! Love the blonde wool, it’s super soft and fluffy, very high quality and the shipping and customer service was fast and efficient ^^

❤ Alpaca Toy ❤ Stuffed Animal ❤ Choco Cream
Helsinki Starr
The best fluffy alpaca gift!

Choco Cream is my favorite color! Beautiful rich chocolate wool, super round and fluffy! Got this beautiful fluff few months ago and totally in love with it, super soft, cuddly, easy to brush and maintain! Inkari alpaca has opened the new world of alpacas for me 😍😍❤️❤️

❤ Limited Edition Alpaca Toy ❤ Stuffed Animal ❤ Grizzly Bear
Sabrina Kressierer
Fluffy like cloud. Or cotton candy. Or a cotton candy cloud.

So much floof and so much cuteness makes every day a little bit happier! With a Inkari Alpaca you will have a piece of love by your side. Enjoy your piece of floof :)

Super schattig!

Toen ik hoorde dat er mini alpaca's zouden komen, was ik meteen enthousiast! Op de dag dat ze verkrijgbaar waren, besloot ik om de kleuren sandstone en walnut te kopen. Ze zijn super schattig en zacht, ik ben super blij dat er nu ook mini alpaca's verkrijgbaar zijn. :)

Het is ook heel erg leuk dat je bij je alpaca gratis accessoires krijgt.