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Unique & Handmade in Peru

Inkari only works with the highest quality alpaca fleece available. Woven and hand-finished by local artisans; packaged and sent to you by our expert logistics team with the care that every alpaca and alpaca fan deserves!

Always innovating and searching for new adventures, we strive to keep our collection exclusive and unmatched in quality, unparalleled in softness, and unequalled in combining natures' unique traits with the best natural comfort.

Fluffy alpacas posing for INKARI alpaca. Natural alpaca wool in the Andean Highlands and shows how ecofriendly the alpacas are. High quality alpacas in the Peruvian Highlands.


& Fairtrade

Alpaca wool is one of the most sustainable natural fibers in the world. Alpacas have a very small ecological footprint and do not inflict damage to the ecosystems they inhabit. Local farmers work according traditional methods and live in harmony with alpacas and nature.

At Inkari we strongly believe in reinforcing these eco-friendly elements together with the social and economical support that we can offer the smaller players in local industries by working with alpaca wool.

Conscious Choices

Climates are changing. Extremes get more extreme and weather in the Andes is affected by a more globalized world. We strive for a small ecological footprint to mitigate the negative effects we have on the environment. Chemical- and cruelty-free production, active recycling, and increasing awareness among our visitors are some of the tools we apply to decrease the ecological impact.

By actively providing information and exercising transparency we educate and present our fans with the puzzle pieces. All that's left is for you to start laying those down and start seeing for yourself.

Joyful Community

Alpaca products are for, and liked by, everyone. Inkari aims to add value to your life by connecting fans from all over the world with each other. Join the VIP Members Group and experience countless magical alpaca stories, different personality traits, and lots of single-minded people that all have the same goal: sharing the joy their alpaca gives them!

Cruelty-free alpaca products spark joy into our lives everyday; therefore, it is our goal to share this joy with as many people as possible.

Peruvian local woman smiling in the Andes. Fluffy alpacas grazing in the background and showing off their alpaca wool. Happy Peruvian local smiling at INKARI Alpaca Toys.

Alpacas in the Andean Highlans being photographed. Thick alpaca wool and many natural colors are represented. The best quality alpaca wool comes from happy and free alpacas; INKARI alpaca helps local farmers retrieving the wool.

Happy alpaca fans sharing their favorite INKARI Alpaca toys with the community. Colorful and smiling alpaca products look super soft and enjoyable.

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